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Robledo Family Winery

Winemaking Philosophy

With the opportunity to cultivate more than a dozen estate vineyards that encompass more than 350 acres throughout the terroir driven Napa, Sonoma and Lake Counties, we indulge thoroughly in the advantages of driving all aspects of our winemaking process, from vine to bottle. Recognizing that great wines begin in the vineyard, we cherish the relationships with the vines and appreciate the continuing opportunity to fully embody the vineyard characteristics in each bottle.

We welcome the diversity brought forth from the care and attention given to each of our vineyards, evaluating the development of flavors so that we may determine the most advantageous time to harvest. This honest and tactile relationship with the vines, the soils, the berries, and their development throughout the season, provides winemaker Everardo Robledo with a myriad of information and a certain knowledge gained over numerous harvests that the most important of qualities is an understanding of the most favorable time to harvest our fruit at the perfect stage to represent what we desire for the bottles that we are proud to call our estate wines.

“We have an abundance of treasures when it comes to the quality of fruit in our vineyards,” noted Everardo Robledo. “It is a blessing for us to have some of the highest quality grapes to craft Robledo Family wine, especially since I have known these vineyards throughout my entire life, beginning when I was a young boy. My goal is to combine all of these elements to provide the best structure and balance for our wines. After this is completed, I feel that I’ve truly expressed the best of what our vineyards yield. I would say my wine making style is truly enveloped in our family motto: ‘Strength, Longevity and Grace.’”

Robledo wines are a true reflection of the individual components of our vineyards throughout Northern California’s wine country. The craft began with our Los Braceros Red Blend, which truly showcases our ancestry from the migrant community, and now we are able to illustrate the culmination of our winemaking expertise with our Napa Valley Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, in addition to many of our other delicately crafted wines.

We have fallen in love with this country, and we want everyone who enjoys our wines to experience that passion and love and to join our family - Robledo Family Wines.